It’s Time to Reform Boston College

Boston College administrators are denying the democratic majority choice of graduate student workers to form a union. By refusing to come to the bargaining table, they are refusing to address issues like low pay and a lack of harassment and discrimination protections. And they are failing to live up to their own principles.

That’s why we launched this public awareness campaign: it’s time to reform Boston College.

A majority of graduate student workers have signed an open letter to Boston College demanding the university recognize our union and agree to collective bargaining.

The Catholic Church’s official position states:

What We're Calling For

Boston College claims to embody “education with a heart and soul” and hold a “deep concern for all members of its community” in its mission statement.

But in reality, Boston College administrators are denying basic rights to the university’s own workers by refusing to bargain with us.

That’s why a growing majority of graduate student workers, campus organizations, and community groups have joined forces — demanding that Boston College negotiate a fair union contract that addresses grievances including:

  • Low pay and frequent delays in payment that produce poverty-like insecurity for graduate teachers and researchers.
  • Insufficient and unpredictable health coverage, impacting accessibility of basic care and further compounding issues of economic injustice.
  • Inadequate protections and services for international student workers.
  • Lack of protections and recourse against Boston College’s widely acknowledged problems with racism in the workplace.
  • The lack of strong and fair protections against sexual harassment.

Get Involved

Respect our democratic vote.
Respect our majority.
It’s time to Reform Boston College.

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Reform Boston College is an effort to secure pay equity and key harassment protections at Boston College. Spurred by a majority of the school’s graduate, research, and teaching assistants, our campaign also has the support of campus groups and community leaders.